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Stainless steel wire

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Stainless steel wire
Product Name: stainless steel wire, stainless steel wire, stainless steel wire, 316 stainless steel wire

English: stainless steel wire drawing


, USA, Holland, Japan Material: stainless steel

Properties: g
Drawing process: Under the action of drawing force, the wire rod or blank is drawn out from the die hole of the drawing die to produce small section steel wire or non-ferrous metal wire.
Process characteristics: The stress state of wire drawing is two-way compressive stress and one-way tensile stress. Compared with the three-way compressive stress state, the drawn wire is easier to reach the plastic deformation state. The deformation state of drawing is a three-dimensional principal deformation state of two-dimensional compression deformation and one-dimensional tension deformation, which is unfavorable to the plasticity of metal materials and easy to produce and expose surface defects. The pass deformation of wire drawing process is limited by its safety factor, and the smaller pass deformation, the more drawing passes, so the multi-pass continuous high-speed drawing is often used in wire production.

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Stainless steel wireStainless steel wireStainless steel wireStainless steel wire

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