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Medical disinfection net basket

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Medical disinfection net basket
Product Name: medical disinfection net basket,
medical net basket, stainless steel disinfection basket, disinfection basket basket basket
Process: Stainless steel wire or low carbon steel wire bending, welding, surface electropolishing or
Features: 1. Smooth surface, non-rusting, corrosion-resistant, beautiful, durable, non-deforming 2. The use of micro-resistance welding and seamless butt welding Jin welding technology, so that the product no prominent solder joints, no weld defects, no hairy edges, no peeling, safe use. 3 grid design is conducive to the penetration of water or steam to ensure the cleaning and sterilization effect. 4. Multiple web baskets can be stacked.
Manufacturing process: stainless steel mesh, stainless steel welding mesh, stainless steel braided mesh, stainless steel punching mesh, argon arc welding, etc.
Surface treatment: electrolysis, polishing, etc.
Uses: disinfection of medical equipment, food utensils, and chemical laboratories. The dimensions are produced according to customer requirements.

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Medical disinfection net basketMedical disinfection net basketMedical disinfection net basketMedical disinfection net basket
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