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Product Name: funnel
Alias: funnel filter funnel stainless steel funnel
Foreign name: funnel
Manufacturer: Anping County Pu Yu wire mesh products Co., Ltd.
Shape: cylindrical
Material: stainless steel
Usage: 1. fold the filter paper in two consecutive times and fold it into 90 degree center angle shape.
2., fold up the filter paper, one side of the three layer, the other side of the layer opened, funnel shaped.
3. Fill the funnel-shaped filter paper into the funnel, the edge of the filter paper should be lower than the funnel edge, pour some water into the funnel mouth, so that the wet filter paper and the funnel wall close, and then pour the rest of the water, to be used.
4. Place the funnel packed with filter paper on the funnel rack (such as the ring of the iron rack), place the beaker or test tube under the neck of the funnel to receive the filtrate, and place the tip of the neck of the funnel against the wall of the receiving container to prevent the liquid from splashing.
5. When the liquid is injected into the funnel, the right hand holds the beaker, the left hand holds the glass stick, the lower end of the glass stick is close to the three-layer filter paper, the beaker mouth is close to the glass stick, and the filtered liquid flows out along the mouth of the cup, and then flows into the funnel along the glass stick. Note that the height of the liquid flowing into the funnel can not exceed the height of the filter paper.
6. When the liquid passes through the filter paper and flows down the neck of the funnel, check whether the liquid flows down the wall of the cup and fills the bottom of the cup. If not, move the beaker or rotate the funnel so that the tip of the funnel is firmly attached to the wall of the beaker and the liquid can flow down the wall.

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