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Petroleum filter

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Oil filter screen
Product Name: Petroleum filter,
oil shale shaker, petroleum screen, petroleum compound network
Specifications: 1150 x 10001400 x 4701800 x 600, 1200 x 600
Material: plastic flat net, stainless steel mesh
Characteristics: acid an
Service life: screen mesh 14 mesh for 4-6 months, 2.5cm stainless steel mesh for 1-2 years, crimping device can be repeatedly used for a long time.
Economical Benefit: According to the service life of 14 mesh screen for 6 months, the annual saving screen 14 mesh, 10 mesh each 37.2 meters, a discount of 7291.2 yuan.
Usage effect: By fixing the screen on the frame and improving the pressure connection of the frame on the vibrating screen, the bad situation of two ends of the original vibrating screen in three days was completely changed.

Puyu silk screen in line with the concept of service first, "all for the user's sake" has become the starting point of the company's work, "service first" is everyone's belief, to provide users with "convenient, practical, stable" products, as well as expert-level services, for the enterprise "tailor-made clothing" to provide the best quality products. Through sincere cooperation with users from all walks of life, Puyu Silk Screen hopes to make its own contribution to the inheritance and development of China's 5000-year unique processing technology.

Oil filter screenOil filter screenOil filter screenOil filter screen
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