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Flanged filter tube

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Flange filter cartridge
Product name; flange filter cartridge, also known as filter basket, basket filter
Keywords: flange filter cartridge, filter basket, basket filter
Material: SUS304, 304L, 316, 316L stainless steel woven mesh, stainless steel sintered mesh,
Features: Flange filter cartridge product has the characteristics of stable performance, high contamination capacity, accurate filtration accuracy, high corrosion resistance, not easy to damage, small pressure loss, large filtration area, easy cleaning, long service life and so on. The product shape size, filtration accuracy, filtration area, bearing pressure, can be constructed according to customer requirements.

Main uses: 1. Weak corrosive materials in chemical and petrochemical production, such as water, oil, ammonia, hydrocarbons, etc. 2. Corrosive materials such as caustic soda, soda ash, concentrated dilute sulfuric acid, carbonic acid and aldehyde acid in chemical production. 3. Low temperature materials in refrigeration, such as liquid methane, liquid ammonia, liquid oxygen and various refrigerant. 4. The hygienic materials in food and pharmaceutical production, such as beer, beverage, dairy products, syrup, etc.

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Flange filter cartridgeFlange filter cartridgeFlange filter cartridgeFlange filter cartridge
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