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Flanged filter tube

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Flanging filter cartridge
Product name; flanging filter cartridge

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A kind of

for stamping process. Material: 304, 304L, 316L, 316L stainless steel, woven mesh, punching mesh, copper mesh,
Flanging process; usually, flanging process is the last working procedure for forming the contour or solid shape of a stamping part. Flanging parts are mainly used to connect stamping parts (welding, riveting, bonding, etc.), and some flanging is the product streamline or aesthetic requirements.
Flanging stamping direction is not necessarily the same as the slider movement direction of the press, so flanging process should first consider the position of flanging blank in the die positioning. Correct flanging direction should provide as much favorable conditions as possible for flanging deformation, so that the movement direction of punch or die is perpendicular to the surface of flanging contour, so as to reduce lateral pressure and stabilize the position of flanging part in flanging die.
According to the different flanging direction can be divided into vertical flanging, horizontal flanging and tilting flanging, which vertical flanging, trimming up the opening, forming stability, easy positioning, can also be used air cushion pressing, should be used as far as possible under conditions permitting. In addition, the flanging surface can be divided into one side flanging, multi flanging, and closed curve flanging. According to the deformation properties of the blank flanging process, it can be divided into elongation type screen curve flanging, elongation type surface flanging, compression type plane curve flanging and compression type surface flanging.

Flanging filter cartridge refers to the molding method of forming a straight wall or flange with a certain angle along the edge of a closed or non-closed curve on the planar or curved surface part of the blank by means of the action of a mold. Flanging is a kind of stamping process. There are many kinds of flanging and different classification methods. According to the deformation properties, they can be divided into elongated flanging and compression flanging.

Flanging filter cartridgeFlanging filter cartridgeFlanging filter cartridgeFlanging filter cartridge

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