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Flanged filter tube

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Diamond mesh filter cartridge
Product name; diamond mesh filter cartridge
Key words: diamond net cylinder diamond mesh cartridge
Materials: steel mesh, stainless steel mesh, wire mesh and other metal mesh
Hole shape; diamond hole
Tube diameter; 5mm-2000mm<
Features: Filter is a commonly used dust collection device, with high capture rate, low resistance, easy to put into the flue for sampling.
Application scope: particulate matter, cooking oil fume, asphalt smoke, chromium acid mist, sulfuric acid mist and other pollutants sampling. According to the material can be divided into two kinds of glass fiber filter and corundum filter, the most widely used daily is glass fiber filter. The glass fiber filter cartridge is made of ultra-fine glass fiber. The dust trapping rate of the filter cartridge above 0.5 micron can reach 99.9%.

Filter cartridge is a kind of tubular element used for filtering. It is generally divided into filter cartridges for filtering gas medium and liquid medium. The filter cartridge of filtering liquid medium is generally installed in the pipe filter, the shape of which is often conical, so it is also called conical filter.

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Diamond mesh filter cartridgeDiamond mesh filter cartridgeDiamond mesh filter cartridgeDiamond mesh filter cartridge

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