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Basket filter drum

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Basket filter cartridge
Product name; basket filter cartridge
Key words: basket filter basket, basket basket, basket basket
Material: stainless steel 304/316, stainless steel wire, plastic flat net, steel plate, galvanized sheet
Design flow: 13.5T/H
1. Filter materials are made of 304 to 316L stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other metal woven nets, punching nets, electric welding nets, etc.
2. Good filtration performance and uniform filtration performance of 2-200um can be achieved.
3, metal filter material has corrosion resistance, high and low temperature, pressure resistance, good wear resistance, long service life.
4. The diameter of braided net cylinder is uniform and the filter value is accurate, which can meet the needs of customer filtering.
5, the volume of unit area is large. After filtration and cleaning, it can be used repeatedly to reduce costs.

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Basket filter cartridgeBasket filter cartridgeBasket filter cartridgeBasket filter cartridgeBasket filter cartridge

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