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Frame fence net

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Frame fence net
Product name: frame guardrail net.
Gage: mesh (mm): 75 x 150 80x160.
Screen (mm): 1800 x 3000.
Border (mm): 20 x 30 x 1.5 20x30x1.0.
Before wire dipping. (mm): 3-6
Silk mesh (mm): 4

The frame guardrail net adopts high quality wire rod as raw material, and is protected by galvanizing, precoating primer and high adhesion powder spraying three layers of welded mesh, which has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and ultraviolet resistance for a long time. In this guardrail net the surface treatment is galvanized and sprayed, or optionally, the top is covered with a plastic cover or rain cap. According to the environment and installation methods, you can choose embedded 50cm, add the base and so on. Connect the mesh and stanchion of the frame guardrail net with screws and various special plastic or iron clips. All the screws are automatic anti-theft. Accessories can also be used in accordance with the specific requirements of customers to design.

Frame fence netFrame fence netFrame fence netFrame fence netFrame fence netFrame fence netFrame fence netFrame fence net

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