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Monel filter

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Monel filter net
Product Name: Monel filter net
Monel screen Monel filter net
Material: stainless steel wire Monel
Wire diameter: 0.53-1.8mm
Opening size: from 0.074 to 10.9mm
Mesh: 2 mesh -200 mesh
Surface condition: flat mesh and c
It is applied in the fields of chemistry, petrochemical industry and ocean development. It can be used to manufacture various heat exchangers, boiler water heaters, various pressure vessel equipment, petroleum and chemical pipelines, containers, towers, grooves, valves, pumps, reaction kettles, shafts, etc.

Anping Puyu Silk Screen Products Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001 in Anping, Hengshui City, Hebei Province. It is known as the "Capital of the World Silk Screen". The company produces all kinds of filter screens, filter cartridges, filter cartridges, filters and so on. It is well known in the industry and has been praised by new and old customers. Owing to its excellent material selection and fine welding, the life of universal filter is 30% higher than that of ordinary filter. In addition to our common specifications, we can also provide customized processing of special models, sizes, specifications and shapes, as long as you provide drawings or samples.

Monel filter netMonel filter netMonel filter netMonel filter netMonel filter net

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